Mangrove Ecotourism Wonorejo

Mangrove Ecotourism Wonorejo

2017-02-20 02:06:56 UTC

Mangrove Ecotourism Wonorejo is located in the eastern coast of Surabaya, precisely in Wonorejo sub-district, in Rungkut district. It has natural atmosphere mangrove forest, planted around the estuary. Here in this place, we can enjoy the green and quiet situation in this place. It also equipped with a culinary center, which is ready to welcome you and fill your tummies with delicious food. 

Mangrove conservation area is one of areas that give the biggest contribution in providing open green space area in a 2503 hectares. It not only has preservation function, but also takes important role to prevent beach abrasion and intrusion of sea water to mainland. The actively participating citizen in mass Mangrove planting supports the prevention of coastal area and mangrove in Pamurbaya (Pantai Timur Surabaya, or Surabaya's Eastern Coast)


Wonorejo sub-district

Rungkut District

Find it here (via Google Maps)


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