Pura Agung Jagad Karana

Pura Agung Jagad Karana

2017-03-13 03:32:13 UTC

Pura, or temple, is a place used by the Hindus to pray. In Indonesia, Pura is quite identical with Bali, as the island with majority of the people there take Hindu as their religion. The architecture of Pura will remind us of Bali. Here in Pura Agung Jagad Karana, you will feel the atmosphere of Bali in the middle of Surabaya. The Hindus come to this temple to pray and to celebrate the big and/or sacred days of their religion like Galungan, Kuningan, Melasti, Nyepi, and so on. 


Jalan Ikan Lumba-Lumba No. 1, Krembangan District.

Find it here (via Google Maps)

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