Flag-Ripping Re-Enactment

Flag-Ripping Re-Enactment

2016-09-27 02:56:48 UTC

Surabaya is famous for its name as the City of Heroes. Why? Because this city became the witness of many heroic events which happened during pre and post Independence Period. One of those events was the Flag-Ripping of the Dutch tricolor flag, on the top of Yamato Hotel.

The history recorded that on September 1945, one month after the Declaration of Independence on August, the Dutch came back to Indonesia, especially Surabaya. But they "hitchiked" the Red Cross so that they would not get the suspicion. When they arrived in Surabaya, they raised their tricolor flag on the top of Yamato Hotel (previously named as Oranje Hotel), where they stayed. The flag seen by Arek-Arek Suroboyo (people of Surabaya), and they politely asked them to take down the flag to respect the nation. The Dutch refused it, and threaten them by gun. An accident happened when two of the Arek-Arek Suroboyo got hit by the bullet. They got angry because the Dutch did not respect the independence of Indonesia which had been declared one month before. They brought the ladders and climbed up to the top of the hotel where the Dutch tricolor flag was raised. Once they get to the flagpole, they took down the flag and tore the blue part. Then the red-and-white flag raised again by them along with the shouting of "MERDEKA!! MERDEKAA!!" (Freedom! Freedom!) from the mass below.

This event is a reconstruction event of the flag-ripping on the top of Hotel Yamato, or now changed its name into Hotel Majapahit. By wearing costumes of the post-independence period along with the attributes of the army, the participants and re-enactors fill Jalan Tunjungan, right in front of Hotel Majapahit. Students from elementary, middle, and high school also participate in this event, to fill their hearts with nationalism as well as to remind them about the history of their own nation. 

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