Floral and Cultural Parade 2017

Floral and Cultural Parade 2017

2017-05-17 02:10:15 UTC

Surabaya reaches its 724th anniversary this year. In celebrating the anniversary, there are many big events held in the city. One of them is the Floral and Cultural Parade. This event made Surabaya looks like Pasadena Tournament of Roses because there were numerous vehicles dressed up in colorful flowers in various shapes. Not only the vehicles, but there were also numbers of cultural groups paraded in line to make it merrier. 

This year, something quite different about this event. The route for the parade was extended to Taman Bungkul, while previously it was finished on the City Hall. This was to accomodate the increased number of participants this year, and also to deliver the entertainment towards all people in Surabaya. 

The Mayor of Surabaya in her speech said that all people of Surabaya should be hand-in-hand to avoid any disputes and intolerancies. She also said that the people of Surabaya are the descendants of the heroes who fought for Indonesia's independence. Therefore, all people should live in harmony so that they can reach higher achievements in the future. 

The 75 participants for the parade were officially departed by the Mayor of Surabaya along with the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources of the Republic of Indonesia. 

Want to feel the atmosphere of Pasadena a la Surabaya? Come join the parade next year!

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