Museum of HOS Tjokroaminoto

Museum of HOS Tjokroaminoto

2017-11-30 02:38:14 UTC

Surabaya is well-known for its nickname as the City of Heroes (Kota Pahlawan). The history has it that back in the 1945, during the independence era, the brave men of Surabaya and surrounding areas fought in the famous Battle of Surabaya in 10 November. However, not many people knew that there are many Indonesia’s historical figures were born and/or came from Surabaya.

One of them is Hadji Oemar Said (HOS) Tjokroaminoto. He was born in Ponorogo, on 16 August 1882. As one of the national movement figures, he had many students who brought the colors on the history of Indonesia: Muso who was socialist/communist (later became the founder of Indonesia Communist Party or PKI), Soekarno who was nationalist (later became the Proclamator of Republic of Indonesia), and Kartosuwirjo who was religious. However, his three students had their different ideas and separated in their own ways. On May 1912, Tjokroaminoto joined the Islamic Company (Sarekat Islam). As the leader of Islamic Company, he was known for his firm policies but earthy at the same time. This company was founded to deliver his protest for the foreign traders who were joined in the Islamic Trade Company. However, he thought that this organization only focused on the trading activities and put aside the political stands.

As the time went by, this company became the political party after it got the status for Legal Company on 10 September 1912 by the government which was controlled by the General Governor Idenburg. Islamic Company (SI) then developed itself as a political party which was not exclusively for the merchants and Javanese and Madurese. This made SI as the pioneer for the successful Islamic party at that time.

This museum is located on Jalan Peneleh VII number 29, right where the house of Tjokroaminoto stands. It was officiated by the Mayor of Surabaya herself on 27 November 2017 as the effort to preserve the heritage and history of Surabaya for the next generations. The Mayor said in her speech that this site is not merely a house, but also the place to keep the history of this nation that can be learned by the younger generations. She also said that the collections in this museum came from the family of HOS Tjokroaminoto himself which have been passed and kept through generations, and some other collections are the goods that look like the original ones.

After giving her speech, she signed the plaque to officiate the museum and then asked the students and guests to join her looking around inside the museum.

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