Calendar of Events for March 2017

Calendar of Events for March 2017

2017-03-13 03:03:18 UTC

It's March already! 

To fill this month, Surabaya City Government has arranged some events for you all who visit Surabaya. At the end of this month, we will have the Nyepi Day, or the Day of Silence for the Hindus. Before this sacred day, there will be a parade of Ogoh-Ogoh, a demon-like statue which is used to banish evil spirits. The Ogoh-Ogoh will be paraded and then burned down, as a symbol to fight evil spirits which can disturb the sacred day. 

Beside the Parade of Ogoh-Ogoh, there will be many events available just for you. What are those? Check this one out!













































For further information/reservation:

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Phone: (+62 31) 5340444

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